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    iPad Pro 9.7" vs 12.9"?


      Looking to incorporate an iPad Pro into one of my solutions. Access would be from off-site, using WiFi or Cellular, connecting to a Mac Pro FileMaker Server with a 100 mbps internet connection.


      The 9.7" iPad Pro has enough real estate for what I need to do, but the 12.9" model has an additional 4GB of RAM. Does the additional RAM make it worthwhile to go with the 12.9" model?


      Thanks - Patrick

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          I don't have first hand experience with either, but I am sure they are both very capable of running even complex solutions on FileMaker Go. The biggest performance issues you are likely to face will be high WAN latency and, probably to a lesser extent, low network speeds.

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            The 12 only has 2 more gb of ram. The processor is faster. I really like the 12 for home but if I'm going to do a lot of walking around I would go with the smaller. The 12 does give me more options on how to display information. I have a layout on the 12 that has 3 main sections. I can fit all of this on one screen. On the smaller iPad I use 3 tab panels.

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              Some of the older devices only have 1GB of Ram, so 2GB is an increase with the improved faster processor the 9.7 should respond pretty good.  If your databases has 20,000 or more records which will be view in a portal or view large found set of records then you may want the upgrade in ram and screen size.      

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                The 9.7" iPad Pro has the same amount of RAM (2GB) as the iPad Air 2 while the original iPad Air only had 1GB.


                I can say that I certainly noticed a marked improvement moving from an iPad Air 1 to an iPad Air 2, particularly when switching between multiple apps. Within a single app though it was a much less dramatic improvement.


                All of that is to say that I can see 2GB of RAM being sufficient for most uses. I'm sure that 4GB may be a bonus a handful of times but I don't think that it's a requirement.

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                  I think you need to have two different design principles when working with both iPads. On the smaller iPad I strive to remove as much as possible from the layout and only try to leave on the screen the  essential things  the user needs to see all of the time.  Then I incorporate other less essential elements through popovers. If I take this same approach on the bigger iPad I end up with a layout that might have too much white space and look awkward.  If your layouts fit comfortably on the smaller iPad and portability is an issue I would go with the smaller iPad.  If there are a lot of rows (portals and lists) with a lot of data, I would consider the bigger iPad.

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                    Agreed. There are now 3 classifications of native mobile layouts: Phone, iPad (both Mini and 9.7"), and full Pro (12.9").

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                      Once I picked up the 12.9" I could feel that it was too large to be practical for the planned off-site usage, and I should be able to show the required data on the space provided by the 9.7" iPad.

                      Thanks to all who responded.