ODBC oddity

Discussion created by rivet on Apr 1, 2016
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I have a FMP DB that connects to an ODBC data source.  On my dev environment everything is working fine but when I move DB to my production environment there is a strange thing going on.


On the production DB, if I take a look under the relationship graph and double click one of the table occurrences that is connected to the ODBC source, the Specify Table dialogue appears but none of the tables are highlighted.  If I hover over that same able occurrence the popup shows all the correct details.  ( source tables, data source, ODBC data source).


Now if i were to 're-specify' the correct table for that table occurrences, all the field mapping is lost and all layouts and script are a mess.


Has anyone come across this.



server: mac  10.10.5


ODBC DRIVER: actual technologies

FMPA: 14.0.5


PRODUCTION (hosted cloud):

server: win  ?


ODBC:  mysql driver

FMPA: 14.0.5