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    Import Accounts



      I've started working on a new version of a database I had on FM11 using FM14.  I started from scratch given all I've learned since my initial development and the improved functionality.  All went well.  HOWEVER, I have over 200 users that will need to access this new database and all have accounts already set up in FM 11.  Is it possible to import the accounts/logins/passwords etc so that they don't all have to be re-created??

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          There are tools that can help you with it though like New Millennium's Security Administrator.

          That one can read the accounts from an XML DDR on your old solution and then help add them to your new solution (but does not bring over the passwords - nothing can read FM passwords).


          With over 200 accounts you may want to switch to using External Authentication and make your maintenance work simpler.

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            +1 on using EA for this. 200 is a lot of accounts.


            There are also native ways to do this. For example, if you have a list of users, you can put them into a table and script the account addition using the various Account script steps.

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              Right, the script can give the user an initial password as well. The user will be prompted to create their own new password the first time they log in.

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                If there are multiple "files", they will need to change the password (first time) for each one. I usually let my clients, know this. But I also avoid too many separate files.



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                  Thanks everyone.  I didn't think there was but was just hoping maybe there was a trick I didn't know.  I have the script to bring them all in and set an initial password.  Just wanted to avoid changing if it were possible.


                  Thanks anyway all!!