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Fossilized trying to store summary fields from a layout in a table

Question asked by PieterStaes on Mar 31, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2016 by erolst

Hi all,


I'm extremely new to filemaker and am completely stuck and yes, this is not even urgent anymore, it is beyond the end of times :-(


I have a layout of products a-z sold in various branches 1-8 on different dates (this is a portal based on a join table branches & products).


I use a subsummary part (branch ID) which breaks my list up into branches, so I get a list of products a-z if they have been sold

I then use another subsummary part (product ID) which breaks each branch up into products, so I get a list of all the instances (with different dates) the same product is sold .


Placing summary fields for quantity sold and value sold (qty * price) in the subsummary parts allows me to neatly see the total quantity and total value of all instances products a-z are sold per branch.


And here comes da pain.... Now I need to find a way to store the results of the summary fields in the subsummary parts in a table (can even be the same table), since I want to use them as stock out for my stock table (which is a different one). If this was excell, I could simply make a sum of each subsummary part and have the data stored, but in filemaker I am this stuck in the mud I'm  about to fossilize....


Anybody any ideas? Off to bed now, 1.42am. Many thanks already!.