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    Android user not able to "export records" in WebDirect?


      Hey All,

      I'm sure someone must have had this problem, but I could not find anything similar in the discussions.  I am a Pastor of a church in Bethlehem, PA and have been working for 1-1/2 years on developing a FileMaker DB to replace an old Windows only DB.  I have it hosted by FMP Hosting company and we have unlimited user access.  I have three licensed copies of FileMaker Pro 14, and one license copy of FileMaker 14 Advanced,  which we use in house, and the other users use either Filemaker Go 14 or WebDirect (mostly these are android/chrome users).


      The problem is this, the database works well for these android uses except when they want to export a found set.  In such case, they click on the command and absolutely nothing happens.  Yet, they can save a found set, and email a found set.  I tried to duplicate it with my MacBook Pro, running WebDirect from Chrome and the "export records" worked perfectly.  I have been to the Filemaker site and combed the web to find anyone who has had this problem but without success...so now I appeal to you all...


      Thanks ahead of time,

      Blessing, Pastor Dick Bickings

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          Thank you for your post.


          The Export Records script-step only has partial support in Web Direct. If you look under the Notes section of the reference:

          FileMaker WebDirect does not support this script step in mobile browsers.


          I hope this helps!



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Thank you TS, I did read that and the only limitation is the file export type, not file exporting itself.  Like I mentioned, I can go into WebDirect, through Chrome, not logged in as an admin, and it works great for exporting CSV and tab delimited files.  Just don't know why android devices using chrome cannot???

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              Since it is not supported.


              Haha, TSPigeon, it is clear but not "help" someone who want to use the feature or want to know why not work.


              Maybe problem of popup window or saving location?

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                Ok, I get it now, so sorry for not understanding the main problem is that WebDirect does not support mobile browsers for exporting files.  With that being said, does anyone have an alternate solution?  It is imperative that my users be able to export (or something similar) a found set for their use.


                Thanks again,

                Pastor Dick Bickings

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                  If I remember it correctly, FMS can do export for csv or tab file types.

                  so in case some webd browsers don't function well for DIRECTLY exporting records,


                  I might seek to try PerformScriptOnServer script step, the logic is that:

                        1,Export found set data to csv/tab files on FMS host machine( webd client can call a server side script to do this)

                         2,Try to transfer the exported file from FMS to client (android webd browser in your case)

                  in the second step, you need to figure out how to transfer the file from FMS to webd client, I can think of two methods for now:

                         1, if the file exported on FMS is stored in a www web folder, then you can get it into a container field of webd client via InsertFromURL;

                         2, or you can try inserting the exported file into a container field in the PSOS script, where "Insert File[]" is forbidden but "Insert From URL[]" might be usable to put the file into a container, then the PSOS script can return the container record id to client script and client can export the exported file via Export Field Content[] step.

                  I'm not 100% sure that this method works, you need to try it out by yourself.

                  good luck