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Android user not able to "export records" in WebDirect?

Question asked by rbickings on Mar 31, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2016 by sansang

Hey All,

I'm sure someone must have had this problem, but I could not find anything similar in the discussions.  I am a Pastor of a church in Bethlehem, PA and have been working for 1-1/2 years on developing a FileMaker DB to replace an old Windows only DB.  I have it hosted by FMP Hosting company and we have unlimited user access.  I have three licensed copies of FileMaker Pro 14, and one license copy of FileMaker 14 Advanced,  which we use in house, and the other users use either Filemaker Go 14 or WebDirect (mostly these are android/chrome users).


The problem is this, the database works well for these android uses except when they want to export a found set.  In such case, they click on the command and absolutely nothing happens.  Yet, they can save a found set, and email a found set.  I tried to duplicate it with my MacBook Pro, running WebDirect from Chrome and the "export records" worked perfectly.  I have been to the Filemaker site and combed the web to find anyone who has had this problem but without now I appeal to you all...


Thanks ahead of time,

Blessing, Pastor Dick Bickings