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My texfields of one table show only question marks

Question asked by programm on Mar 31, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2016 by programm

My database is conected to a mysql database via ODBC.


All of the sudden all fields of one table show only questions marks. I was able to find out that it is somehow conected to the textfields. If I delete all of the textfields in filemaker the data in the other numeric, date ... fields are shown correctly. The error is certainly not the ODBC connection and not the mysql-database. All other tables from that database are shown correctly.


And curiously when I open the layout it seems as if all the data is being deleted until no data record is left. If I press "Control" + "Shift" + "R" it starts all over again. Really weird.



I am using Filemaker Pro Adv. 14.0.5 with the FMS 14 on a Windows PC