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    Portal question


      I have a list view layout that shows Order records.  To the right of the orders I put a portal to display related line items.  I would like the portal to  display the records related to the active record only.  Right now its displaying the related records for the entire found set.  I would appreciate suggestions for how to limit the portal to only the currently selected record..


      Thank you!

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          Post a copy of your layout (in layout mode), and the related portion of your relationship graph. Those items will be very helpful here.

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            not sure how to paste the file..

            I have a body part with several fields in a list format. To the right of that is a portal showing all the related records.   If I'm viewing 20 records, its showing 20 related records.  What I'm trying to accomplish is show just the related records for the actively selected record..  Could be a filtered portal I'm looking for but not sure how to set up the filter.



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            Portal question

            reply from dtcgnet in Discussions - View the full discussionPost a copy of your layout (in layout mode), and the related portion of your relationship graph. Those items will be very helpful here.

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              To add a screen shot, make sure you're viewing the discussion on the forum instead of email. When you hit reply, you'll see a picture of a camera. Clicking that will allow you to upload an IMAGE file, such as a screen shot. If you want to upload a copy of your database, click the "Use advanced editor" button in the upper right of the reply box. Most people prefer to compress the files they upload, but if yours isn't too large, that's fine.


              In this case, no, you do NOT want a filtered portal. Why? because your portal relationship isn't really filtering anything yet. Filtering portals is best done to filter out a few here or there that filtering through the relationship hasn't accomplished.


              When we see a shot of your relationship graph, we'll be able to tell you why all records are showing, and we'll be able to help you get it working just like you want.

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                mjbenun wrote:

                Right now its displaying the related records for the entire found set.

                You mean the portal on every record shows the same related set? That is very unlikely, because you would have to made it act like this very actively.


                Maybe what you really mean is: “at the moment, every portal shows its own related records”? And what you want is that portal to appear on the currently active record only?


                PS: To share a file, close it, then zip it; in the post editor, go to “Advanced options” and use the “Attach” link.

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                  see attached pic of layout.


                  The left half are Order records.  The right half (in gray) is related Line Item records.  In this layout, every order record is showing the first related record from the portal (with a scroll button to see more).


                  On the right side of the screen I only want to see the related records for the actively selected record on the left- in this case the very 1st record..


                  I have a basic one to many relationship between Orders > Line items.



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                    Show us the layout in layout mode (it'll show us the names of the Table Occurrences involved). Also, the relationship graph. Manage>Database> click on Relationships and send us a screenshot.


                    Most likely, you've got a problem in the relationship.

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                      Please see attached.


                      The relationship in question is between the 2 tables highlighted in PINK.


                      Please zoom in on the layout PDF so you can see the details.



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                        I think we're getting close. Your relationship sure looks like it should be giving you what you're after.


                        The Layout shot, though, looks like it's showing Sample data. Hate to bug you, but go back to Layout mode. In the View menu, pull down to "Show", then make sure "Sample data" is unclicked. That'll show us the name of the fields. It should also show us the name of the table occurrence that is used in your portal.


                        If the layout is based on PO, showing PO records, and the portal is based on LineItems and the fields IN the portal are based on LineItems, then you should get what you're after.

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                          see attached and Thank you!

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                            I don't want to step on anybody's toes, but there is a thread going on with a sample file of what you are trying to achieve. The developer used a popover to fill the right side of the screen and inside the popover was the portal which showed the related data for the active record. I was just looking for the thread and couldn't locate it.... Sorry!


                            What it looks like is your portal is sized to only show 1 record at a time, so next to each list view record the portal is showing the first related record for "each" list view record as per your sorting within the portal.

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                              It looks like, in your portal, you re displaying a field called GRC from the Orders table. Unless you need that, I'd get rid of it.


                              Secondly, while you're developing, make the body of the layout taller. Then make the portal display maybe 5 or more records at once. Double click on the portal, change number of rows from 1 to 5 (or whatever). Go back to browse and you'll have a chance to see which records are different.


                              What you're after can be done as you're trying, or with the method that Jesse mentioned.

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                                Thanks for your input.  I did consider a popover but was trying to do this through a regular portal setup.


                                I put the portal in the footer section, and that actually gave me what I wanted- the related portal info for the selected record only.


                                I wanted to achieve the same thing but put the portal on the right side of the body part- but that doesn't seem to work.


                                Will go the popover route.



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                                  A portal can only be as big as the part containing the portal. In list view the body part is very small. Using a popover is the way to go. Another option is to use two portals In form view. 

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                                    I do understand that.  The body part is deliberately a small height to provide me with a list view of my records.  The adjacent portal shows only 1 related record because there is frequently only 1 related record.  I have a scroll bar to show me additional related records as needed.


                                    My issue was, if I'm displaying 10 records I didn't want to see 10 portals.  I only wanted to see a single portal that is related to the currently active record.


                                    One way I found to accomplish this, is to enclose the portal into a footer part.  When I click on a record, the portal for that record only shows up in the portal.  I will also try the popover approach as mentioned here.


                                    Thank you!

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