Printing inconsistency with mac & window (line spacing related)

Discussion created by sunnychu on Mar 31, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2016 by rgordon

I just ran into a printing problem while working for a client, he is using a mac and I am using a window for development. My client's print out is consistently extending over the page's bottom, but it fits well in my computer.


So I compared the PDF export and found out the line spacing of pdf generated by his machine is slightly higher than mine, causing the printout to over-extend and not showing some item in the bottom of the page.


I investigate further and found out the line spacing is using a unit called "lines", I am assuming this is the cause of the problem as "lines" might has different definition in different machine?


Does anyone has any experience on this issue?


ps. just edited my file to use px as line spacing unit and sent to my client, hopefully I will have more info on this matter in 24hrs when he replied me.