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Webpublishing: extreme different response times

Question asked by PatrickRisch on Apr 1, 2016
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I have  a setup two machine deployment for FileMaker Server 14.04 and WebDirect.

On one machine sits FileMaker Server with the Databaseengine.

On one machine sits the Webpublishing Engine (WebDirect, PHP; XML), etc.


Both machines are virtual servers, not on the same physical Hardware.

Windows 2012 Servers. 8GB RAM, 4 vCores CPUs.


Ping from the outside to either one machine is around 30ms

Https request take as well about 30ms

An XML Request (always the same) takes sometimes 30ms, then 1 Minute. It is almost like a wave. (see the attachment)

The request is very simple. a find all, one record, simple layout, one field. (this is used as a life bacon)


A Ping from webdirect to the database server itself is always less than 1ms.

So what is causing this extreme wide range of response times?


Thanks for any insight into this.