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FileMaker on Windows via VPN.  Modal dialog opens off screen after using multiple monitors.

Question asked by AdamSnyder_1 on Apr 1, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2016 by MaxEh

I'm using a macbook pro and windows remote desktop with a windows server 2012 machine to write some scripts to sync data with Quickbooks.


At the office I have 2 monitors plugged in to the laptop, and can use all 3 in windows remote desktop.  I move dialog boxes and windows to different monitors as you would expect when having multiple screens.

Then I take my laptop home and VPN into the network to control the same machine, but only have the laptop screen. 

I just ran into an issue where I was trying to specify a script to run in a perform script step, then clicked the 'Edit...' button to add a parameter, but the modal dialog box to enter the calculation opened off screen and totally locked me out of FileMaker.  I couldn't access the window in any way or dismiss it.  My script debugger is also appearing off screen


tried: hitting 'escape' and 'enter' key, right clicking task bar and 'cascading windows'.  Only thing I could do was open command line and use task manager to kill filemaker.  I also tried logging out and back in to see if it would reset the window position, but it didn't.  I found that if I don't click on anything else after the modal dialog opens, the escape key will dismiss the hidden window so I don't have to force quit, but FileMaker is unusable for development on that machine until I have 2 monitors plugged in to my laptop again.


Is there a way to access a modal dialog on windows that has opened off screen??