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Integration with API via URL for a dummy

Question asked by on Apr 1, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2016 by Devon Braun


I hope someone can give me an overview level guidance on some API integration processes for a proposed FM14 server hosted solution.

Please assume you are talking to an integration novice. I am good on data modelling and setting up interrelated server hosted FM files but naive on CWP and interacting with files via URL, HTML, PHP, ODBC etc. I have managed to set up google maps API's as a learning exercise but still have huge gaps in my understanding.


The solution will receive posts (orders) as JSON outputs. I think I can access these and insert them into a field using the 'Insert from URL' script step and then parse the text to manipulate the data into the fields.


The solution will post a dynamic response (including receipt status codes (numbers)) as a html document back to the source web server. Now this is where I get confused. How do I get my FM file to post to the source web server.

For the  HTML file my solution generates I can use a calculation to dynamically generate HTML text and then script a save as file type .htm (I think). But then what do I do with it? Can I send it back via a web viewer?


Thanks for any help,


Morgan Chance