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    Filemaker Go on Ipad - Connect to MySql tables


      I am using ODBC to connect a filemaker advanced app and retrieve the MySql data on my desktop. Is there a way to have an app built for the IPad to access the data the same way utilizing the Filemaker Go. I basically just want to pulls the same data directly from the MySql database. I do not have Filemaker Server and will not be able to use that as a solution.


      I have searched for this but the only info I have found so far is how to use ODBC on your desktop, so far no help on how to do this on the IPad if this is even an option.

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          There are no ODBC drivers for iOS. There are some independent iOS ODBC SDK tools but that is not native to FMGo.

          The ODBC Router Database Networking System


          So the short anser is no, you cannot currently connect to an ODBC data source directly from FMGo.


          You can setup ODBC drivers on FMP and use that for up to 5 connected devices which is limited. The answer you might be looking for pulling data out only is a web service with API that is accessible though URL requests. This will allow you to insert data into fields and then tables with the insert from URL script.

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            You can connect to the data with FileMaker server though, and then it is available to Go surely...

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              I think what OP is trying to accomplish is use FMGo as a nice UI for managing MySQL data on a web service without FMS or paying for connections. Unfortunately, I doubt FMGo will ever support such a feature as it would put Go and FIAS apps out there for free that would manage other databases without FM making any money.


              Although I think this would be great, I do not see it happening.

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                Thanks or the input on this, I was afraid of that. This solution is only for me and my business and an extension of an app I created with FMP for my desktop. There are no other users using so the cost of FMS for this purpose is a bit high for this particular use plus FMS is a little overkill for this single user use. I did purchase FMP Advanced so they did make money in that regard as well as the cost of the driver to connect. Unfortunately without purchasing FMS the application I created with FMP is very limited in its uses since my business keeps me out of the office a good portion of the day.


                I suppose I don't need to connect to the MySQL tables directly if somehow I could access the data in the FM file on my desktop since I am the only one using it but I have only seen that option available if your on the same network and you can't do this remotely. The reason I wanted to utilize MySQL is I figured that was the best way to access the data in one location.


                Sounds like the better solution in this case is to create a web app and leave Filemaker out of the solution or at least in a very limited capacity for inner office use.


                Thanks again, at least it gives me better insight on the limitations I have to overcome.

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                  In this situation you can use FMP to host the file instead of FileMaker server. You you would then connect to FMP with the iPad and you can access the MySQL tables if you have the ODBC connection setup as a system DSN on the desktop running FMP.


                  This is called peer to peer sharing and is good for up to 5 remote connections. You do not get all the benefits of FMS but you can share the file to your iPad. If you want to access the file while out in the world there is some setup to do but the cost is very low.


                  Since you paid for the ODBC driver I am assuming you have a Mac. You would need to have the Mac running with the file open to access it from the iPad. You need to set the computer to never sleep. The display can sleep but the system and disks cannot.


                  Then you need a static IP address for your internet connection where the desktop hosting the file lives. This is usually free or $5-10/month depending on your ISP. You will need to use the port forwarding or port mapping feature in your modem/router (90% of them have it built in these days).


                  Then you simply enter your IP address as a host on the iPad  you can connect and access the MySQL tables. No need for FMS, but there is some setup involved.

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                    Yes, you are correct, I am on a Mac and did buy the driver to connect to MySQL which so far has worked very well from the desktop option.


                    I appreciate the detailed explanation on that. I did play around with the peer to peer on the same network but I thought that is where the options ended once you left the network. I will have to investigate the port forwarding and static IP option to see if that would work for my setup.


                    In this case this would work very well as you explained since I am the only one who has acccess to my computer and everything you mentioned is doable for my uses.


                    I very much appreciate you mentioning this. This might be a workable option.

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                      This is a pretty simple thing to do once you have the pieces in place. The difficulty really lies in how easy it is to setup the ports in firmware of your modem/router. Some ISPs do not allow this kind of setup on their very basic plans, but some do. What ISP do you use?


                      Please find there is a correction. "Port mapping" should have been "port masking", but close enough I guess. This forum still isn't letting me edit my previous posts.


                      If you have trouble with the setup, just post back here for some help.

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                        A static ip address is not required on the computer nor the modem.   If the ip address changes on your modem then you will have to use the  ip address that is currently assigned to the modem.    Some internet providers only change up the ip address every 6 to 12 months, so a small company can easily get by without a static ip address.  Setup port forwarding and test, then upgrade to a static ip address if you need it. 

                        The computer can have a private or public static ip address.   The modem ip is public but it does not have to be static.


                        A private static ip address is free and is a matter of assigning the ip to the network card in on computer.     private ip address example , 17216,0,0,   I suggest assigning a private static to your computer that will host the database because if you don't set it, then reboot the computer, it can change, which will mess up port forwarding on your modem.   Go to Setting, Network Card, then enter the ip.


                        In FM with the database open turn on File sharing.  The above ip address should show when sharing is turned on. 

                        Go to your router setup screen. You can enter the ip address of the router into your browser address bar then sign in.

                        Go to port forwarding.  Add new port 5003 and then enter your computers ip address.

                        If you have a firewall then open port 5003  in the firewall.

                        Go to a website such as www.ipchicken.com to retrieve your current public ip address.   This is the ip address you use to access your computer from an outside network.  If this ip address is not static, then it can change so you will want to check on it.  If it changes often and or after testing then you can upgrade to a static ip address.

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                          The information that schamblee has provided is true. I do not like to recommend anyone do this as the IP address can change at any time and if you need access to the data while you are not on the LAN it can cause an issue when it changes.


                          There are ways to have a DNS update for a dynamic IP address, but that is another thing altogether.


                          Your host machine does need a fixed IP on the LAN. You can do this in system preferences>network.

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                            Just did some quick tests, looks like it is working. Really appreciate the assistance from you guys on this.

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                              This is not a big deal but I was curious if you guys happen to know how the FM app will read the device when using the above method. I know you can script an app that will reside on an IPad or IPhone to detect the device type and redirect the layout to a more appropriate designed layout optimized for the tablet or phone vs desktop.


                              Since the file is open on the desktop and being shared with the IPAD, will this type of script work since it's not actually on the IPad. I was just curious. My first attempt at this it did not work so before I pull my hair out trying to figure out why, wanted to make sure it wasn't simply because of how it is being accessed being remote vs native to the device.


                              I hope that makes sense. Again, not a big deal, not a necessity for my uses, but would be nice to have as an option.

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                                In this situation FMP is acting as a server. The file will always reside on the FMP client and the iPad will simply connect to it.


                                The scripts for controlling layout based on device will work.

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                                  @bigtom - Yep, just an error in my script, works great now. Thanks again, your have been a big help.

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                                    FileMaker Server is the obvious solution and would do what you are wanting.  It just seems your only objection is the cost.  You can look at shared hosting with a FileMaker hosting company fairly inexpensively.  You have to make sure they will configure the server to see the MySQL database.  That way you would have a solution you know works while avoiding spending the extra money.  But why are you wanting the data to be in MySQL?  FileMaker will perform better if the data resides locally in FileMaker.  Also, managing schema is much easier in FileMaker than MySQL. 

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