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Embedded Video Conference in Layout

Question asked by ThinkSoft on Apr 3, 2016
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I am looking to create an innovative client connection by embedding a Video Conference in the connection page - accessed via WebDirect.

Has anyone attempted to, succeeded in, embed(ding) WebRTC or a Jabber (eJabberd) client into a Filemaker Pro layout?

WebRTC is described as only working on some web browsers and NOT on Safari - however -

WebRTC works in Safari through the use of a plug-in.  If that plug-in is available on the client computer, my experience is that the WebRTC chat room will be initially displayed but then "freeze".  I suspect that this is because the WebClient in FMP14 is always defined as a Grouped Button.


Secondary question - can anyone describe the steps to ungroup a WebClient control - and so relieving it from its button status.

Message and iChat are Jabber based (XMPP) and the video works extremely well between two Mac in conversation - allowing the video conference to be recorded.  But how to embed that into a Filemaker layout...?


Any suggestions would be gratefully received.