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Server 14.0.4a.413 patch not installing

Question asked by JD-IT on Apr 4, 2016
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I am trying to install the latest patch (14.0.4a.413) onto Filemaker server 14 on windows server 2012 r2, but it isn't installing.

I have tried many different things but it always ends up resulting in and 'Windows Installer' window popping up and the install fails (image attached).


I have tried the following...

Uninstall and reinstall of filemaker then installing patches/updates in order.

Got a complete version of Server (i.e. no need for earlier versions to be installed) then tried to install the patch.

Reinstalled Microsoft AAR and other items before a reinstall of Filemaker Server. Process I followed is here Manually Installing Microsoft Application Request Routing (ARR) for use with FileMaker Server for Windows | FileMaker

I have also tried all of this on different drives on the server too i.e. c and d drive.


The only thing that has come up in Event Viewer is error code 1603 and I have tried what it has suggested in there too with no luck.


I cannot find anything in the forums on a possible fix for this, does anyone have any idea what I can try next or if there is a fix.



Many Thanks

Tom Cornell