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    Fields inside a box


      Hello how can I put some fields inside a rectangle, Filemaker has change a lot, I learning version 14

      but I used before when version 8.......

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          Not sure what you are asking. If you mean you would like to create a box on your layout around some of your fields then you can use the built in graphic "tools" accessed in layout mode. Screen Shot.jpg


          If you mean putting a rectangle around a field itself then the Inspector (cmd_I or ctrl-I) Appearance tab will let you do a whole lot of adjustments.


          Screen Shot 1.jpg

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            you can draw the box on top where you want it. then Send to Back (under the Arrange menu in Layout mode.



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              Thanks Beverly both of you explained well, I just creating a simulation of my invoices, like I

              said, I use this looooongggggggg time ago and had change a lot,

              I am reading the "Missing Guide" Book and trying to figure out how to change the

              background color, the book shows a pict indicating how, but it is not clear.

              Because I never see the inspector pointing to the body of the form as the book said.

              Please.......  I getting a hand to this, it is more easy now to handle FileMaker.

              Any tips from you folks are saved as PDF, for future reference....

              Hugs to all, wish me luck next monday I'm going to NYC to visit my mother, she is 94 now....

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                versions change along with "how-to" for many things!


                In Layout mode, click on the Body part (tab that says "body") once to "highlight". Then open the inspector.


                The background may be filled with a graphic, or color or none. Send a screen shot if you get this far and need help.



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                  Hurray!!!!!!!!      That was what the book was missing !


                  The book if I correct said click in the body, not the bar on the left

                  with the "Body" label, I maybe wasting my time since I don't know much, but

                  it is great to at least try on what you want, so far this will be good for tracking jobs

                  but will be better, if can keep a total of a field, in my case, parts, totals etc.

                  This database will have a replica of every invoice for a period of time.

                  But when the fiscal year comes, I need to have some totals.

                  Pluses for you !!!!!

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                    Not a newbie. Just recently returned as independent developer! I work in different databases: FM, MS SQL & MySQL. I work with different web...................

                    You a iar, you know A LOT and a great helper, dont EVER put yourself down, I hope many realize that

                    I'm a lazy reader, that's my problem and learn as I need, but not too bad with Premiere Pro

                    Dreamweaver and Visual C++

                    Are you with the Adobe User's Group too?   ( Forum )

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                      If you were reading my profile...

                      the "Not a newbie" was meant because the earliest I'm shown on this forum is 08 NOV 2011. This was shortly after the new forum was set up (Sep 2011). I've changed emails (probably) so for a long time it looked like I was new to the forum and new to FM. But if you read on, in my profile biography, I say this:

                      I still have a Filemaker I floppy disk.


                      I guess I could remove that 'newbie' bit.

                      ok, revised (slightly!)


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                        If you got offended, that was the wrong intention, on the contrary I was trying to

                        say thanks, and make you feel good and proud of your knowledge !!


                        You don't need to change anything, I like people that knows and love

                        what they doing, there are many that always give you the excuse that

                        whatever is too much for him, or will not know how.....


                        INSTEAD OF TRYING FIRST.


                        So you are a excellent helper and PROFESSIONAL, I hardly know Javascript.

                        Now I got a problem on Dreamweaver, I was using the "window.showModalDialog"

                        but does not work any more, so stuck on that.... ( Re-designing my website )


                        Again 10000 of thanks, I will be back to you, know come the part of "totals"

                        like I mention before, reading I think I getting the idea, but not clear

                        about showing the totals ( adding a field from each record )

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                          Is this what I'm looking for?   ( Totals )




                          And I can create a New TAB Page to show

                          just totals, and have nothing to do

                          with individual records ?


                          Thanks in avance......

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                            Not long ago I found my installer disk for FileMaker Server 3.  I won it as the door prize at a meeting at FileMaker in Santa Clara in the 90's.  It's a single diskette for Macintosh.   I think I also have the installers for FileMaker II from Forethought, or was it Nashoba?  I always get them mixed up.  I bought both.

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                              Summary fields are an easy way to present totals.  Just be careful how you use them because when they appear in view on a layout, then FMP will evaluate them, which could in some cases cause you some delay.  I have not tested to see if that is still true when they are hidden from view on another tab layer, but in any case, you will probably display them in a sub-summary part, trailing summary part, or footer.

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                                Yes, thanks.  There's also this one which I adore.


                                FileMaker Pro Timeline