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    Going from 12 to 14


      Hi. I currently have one computer (running windows 7) running 12 server and around 10 workstations running 12. I just bought new workstations. What I would like to do is set up one computer (runs Windows 10) as a 14 server and put 14 on all the workstations. However, because of time constraints it would be easier for me to do the server last and put 14 on all the workstations first. SOOO my question is if I have 14 on my workstations can I still run the 12 databases that are on the server? And then later create the new server running 14 and move all the databases over. Am I making any sense? Anyone with a quick answer since I just got my delivery of new computers?? Thanks.

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          FMS is not supported on Windows 10.  Windows Server 2012 is require for FMS 14.  FMP14 is support on Windows 10.  


          FMI offers an annual contract that may be more feasible and you can do all at the same time.  https://www.filemaker.com/downloads/pdf/fm_licensing_datasheet.pdf

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            I already have a yearly license for upgrades for our school. That's not the issue. I'm using a workstation with Windows 7 to run my server 12. Wanted to do similar with server 14 on a workstation with Windows 10. Now it seems I have to buy the Microsoft server os in order to run it. Is that what you're saying? Also I need to know if the workstations when running fm14 would work well on the fms12 files.


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              in order

              System Requirements for FileMaker Server 14 | FileMaker

              you will need MSWin server


              yes, your new FM14 will talk properly to FMS12

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                FileMaker server used to be allowed on certain versions of desktop operating system like Windows 7 Professional.  But there were a lot of issues and a desktop operating system is just different than a server operating system.  Applications are written to run on desktop operating system and services are written to run on server operating system.  FileMaker allowed FMS to run on some desktop operating systems, but it was never recommended.  Subsequently, FileMaker acknowledged that putting a database service on a desktop operating system was just a bad idea and they no longer support it.  For FileMaker Server 14, you have to have a server operating system which includes Windows Server 2008 or 2012 (please go with 2012 because 2008 is being deprecated soon) or the Mac OS X 10.11.  The benefits are better stability and performance. 

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                  mleiser wrote:

                  I need to know if the workstations when running fm14 would work well on the fms12 files.

                  That should not be a problem.

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                    The file formats are both *.fmp12 and yes they will work.  But the caveat is that security is not the same.  You may have to turn off SSL encryption in the Admin console until you upgrade the server.  If this is for a short while, it should be no big deal.  Then again, maybe you aren't using SSL encryption and it doesn't matter.  A security best practice is that you not only use SSL encryption, but that you purchase a 3rd party SSL certificate to verify your domain name is not being spoofed (in other words, don't use the self signed certificate that comes with FileMaker by default).  It will give you a green lock on your FileMaker connections similar to the lock you get in web browsers when connecting to a secure server.  Also, seriously consider encryption at rest for your files on the server.  It is a great feature for FileMaker 14 that protects against file sharing hacks on the server. 

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                      Thanks all for the replies. I'll first put in my new workstations with 14 and later the server (running server 2012 as recommended). Appreciate the feedback.

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                        it's unfortunate that on Windows we need to use the big gun (Windows Server) to install FMS. There is no cheap solution unfortunately . If you want hardware to install you server without emptying your account, you could go with a Mac mini if you are comfortable with OS X. Note that on Macs, the recommendation is to install FMS on OS X, not on OS X Server. One will find threads on this forum about that.


                        That being said, I was able to install the FMS 14 Server Preview on Windows 7 Pro, so I guess that can also be the case with the real FMS, but I don't recommend that since it seems that Windows Pro may cause issues. The FMS installer does not prevent installing FMS on Windows Pro, but you won't get any help from FMI if you run into issues though.


                        Windows Pro could be a solution for a cheap and test server.

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                          Thanks. I have it figured out as we just bought a big server that will hande fm server fine. Thanks for the comeback.