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Filemaker 13, Cannot change security settings

Question asked by Dddavid on Apr 2, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2016 by Dddavid

I have re-opened, using 13vo5, two different files, that I had created 2 years ago, using 13vo3 (at the latest). 

One is a backup of a file that I had on a memory card, that I can open on a newer machine OSX10.11.3, and the other is a different file, on the older machine OSX 10.9.5 that I developed and previously hosted both files on. The older machine has not been used in over a year, at least!

I have successfully signed in to my admin level accounts, in both cases.

The external backup opened successfully, on the newer machine, and the other file, opened on the older machine, where it has been hosted since day 1.


I would like to turn off the security, for a couple of days, however, when I am prompted to "confirm with an account and password with full access privileges" I am given a dialogue box indicating that "the account and password I am using does not have sufficient privileges".
I am entering the exact account name and password that I have used to, successfully, open the files.
I can see in the "Edit Privileges" Window, that the account I am using is the only one that can possibly have admin level access.

I thought maybe I was having an issue with keyboard language or something, but the two files have different passwords, and neither will permit me to modify the security settings.

I am using a newer keyboard though, and I was having some slight input issues, on other software... I seem to recall.  However, I am not certain.

This isn't really a deal-breaker; I just wanted to copy some value lists, which I am able to do, I just cannot get beyond that roadblock, and that has gotten me questioning.

Anyone else experienced this previously?


Thanks in advance for any input.