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FileMaker Go 14 running on iPad iOS 9.3.1can't open PDFs in container fields

Question asked by user26778 on Apr 4, 2016
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Container Fields not working on iOS 9.3.1 - Cannot open PDFs but does open Word documents


FileMaker Go


Filemaker Go 14

Description of the issue

I am running FileMaker Server, FileMaker Pro Advanced 14 and FileMaker Go 14, In the last few days FileMaker Go stopped being able to open the PDFs stored in the container field.  It used to do so perfectly!  Not sure if it is related to new iOS - am running iOS 9.3.1 on both my iPad and iPhone.  Used to work perfectly on both a week ago - but today it returns an error message "Failed to open "http://mydomain.local.:80/Streaming/MainDB/48558F3BBFC4C1DD825415B363DEC20F.pdf?SessionKey=48558F3BBFC4C1DD825415B363DEC20F&RCType=EmbeddedRCFileProcessor"

Steps to reproduce the problem

Container field on new ipad

Expected result

Ability to open and view contents (pdfs) in container field while working remotely.

Actual result

above error message

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

as above with exception to my domain (in place of my server address)


haven't found any yet.  Need a solution ASAP - or at least assistance with know what broke in the last week (coincidental occurrence with new iOS?)