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Table relationships structure

Question asked by BenBW on Apr 3, 2016
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I'm trying to create a database for theatre performances. So I have:
a table for data about each play itself;

a table for characters in the play (a many to one relationship to the play);

a table for each run of the play (e.g. city, theatre, date) (many to one);

a table for the actors in each run (many to one).


My problem is how do I link the characters in the play to the actors, as the actors are already linked to the performances and the characters are already linked to the play?

Ideally, I want to query the database for things like: all the performances/roles in an actor's career; all the plays in one city in one year; all the actors who played a particular role.


Filemaker is offering to create another instance of the Actors table. Is that the way forward?


I'm on Filemaker Pro 11, on a Mac (El Cap).