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Custom Dialogue for deleting records

Question asked by globe11123 on Apr 5, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2016 by dddan

I'm trying to create a method which will only allow users with certain privileges to be able to delete records.


So far I've thought of a custom dialogue box that has a username and password field which will link to a users table.


Script pseudo:-


- Enter find mode

- Show Custom Dialog [enter username and password in the input fields]

- *Not sure if to Set Variable for username and password at this point?*

- IF [Get (LastMessageChoice) = 1]

- Go to layout ["User" (Users)]

- Set Field [Users::Username; $user]

- Set Field [Users::Password; $pass]

- Preform Find

- IF [Priviledge = "Full"

- Delete Record.

I'm not really sure if its possible or the there's another way of doing this.

Any help will be much appreciated