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barcode for inventory management

Question asked by jeffww on Apr 4, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2016 by john_wolff

Hello can anyone advise me on using barcodes with a inventory.


We are using the starter solution inventory  in file maker pro 13 on macs  (we also have file maker go linked up on couple of iphones,


We currently have our database hosted on a server we pay for with fmp host, but we could possibly move to hosting this ourselves if this was to cause a problem


We are not a very large company, but are involved in manufacturing, so have quite a few parts we order in, and currently these are checked off and the record has to be found and qty adjusted accordingly.


Same too for someone taking something out of stores, to subtract stock.


It would therefore be helpful to us if we could assign a bar code to each product we order on a regular basis, so that when one leaves our stores.. a read of a bar code would mean one item has been taken out.. We would also want to be able to use a bar code to signify new stock has come in.  not sure if that means we need 2 barcodes for each product, one for in and one for out?


We don’t mind to generate our own bar codes for this task, so we would have the code by each item in our stock room..   Not sure on best tool to use for generating a bar code?


Any advise on best solution for this…. Budget / mid and high end  would be helpful..


Presume budget end might include using our phones as readers or something?


At the very least i guess we would want the bar code to find the record and bring it up on screen so we could input the stock change to save time on searching for items and insure the correct record for the item is pulled up


slightly more advanced would be for the bar code read to tell the stock system to either deduct or add to the stock by qty of 1


and more advance to be able to add data in to the description field as to what the stock was used for..


i've seen and read quite a bit on the forums but haven't really found anything that's clear on the best way to get started on this, and any additional software etc we need and if so what..


Thanks in advance for any help