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    Integrating FileMaker with Word.



      Can FileMaker be coupled with Word the way EndNote does with Word?


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          Hi Adrian.  Not in the same way as EndNote.  Natively in FM you can export data and use it in merge documents in Word.  There is at least one FM plugin that is promoted as giving you a Word interface within FM.   WordConnector - Integration - FileMaker Plugins  I have not used this myself, so cannot give a personal recommendation.  Chris

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            Thanks Chris

            I don't think a WordConnector plug in will do the job. I need some sort of hyperlink to manage text in FM and Word. Adrian

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              Years ago I generated quotes in FM, then wrote quote letters in Word. After a while I decided to generate the quote letters in FM, which was far more satisfactory in many, many ways. While FM is not a word processor and has a few quirks, it still does a serviceable job at text handling. It is not clear from your post why you need to use both, but I simply ask: Have you considered this approach?

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                I'm not sure what you are trying to do, but I often use the Scribe plugin from 360 Works to manipulate Word and Excel documents.  It works pretty slick and 360 Works staff did a great job with this plugin. 

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                  Thanks for your reply. What I want to do is use FM in the same way as EndNote. EndNote is a database containing bibliographic references which can be inserted into a word document using the cite while you write function. I use FM as a text manager to keep track of quotes taken from transcripts. The quotes are filed under different categories which are related. I use these quotes as empirical evidence to support data analysis for my research. When I want to use a quote as evidence I have to locate the quote in FM and copy and paste it into word manually. What I would like to do is access FM directly from a word document and insert quotes using a cite while you write function. If I could do this it would make my job much easier. Have I explained what I'm trying to do?

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                    I used EndNote with MS Word on a Mac about 10 years ago.  The integration was seamless.  You'll not find that kind of integration with FileMaker.


                    You may be able to work backwards - that is, store your references in EndNote and export them out to FileMaker.


                    However, if you are trying to use FileMaker instead of buying EndNote, my opinion is just buy EndNote, especially if you are in an academic field.  EndNote is the right tool for the right job.  Again, just my opinion.

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                      It is possible to do what you've described. However it would be a non-trivial thing to develop. The FileMaker side of it would be easy, but you'd need to do quite a bit of development in MS Word. Connecting to FileMaker through ODBC would be fairly simple, but there would be an enormous amount of VBA code required in Word to make it all work. It's likely that there would be a large number of edge cases cropping up in development making the effort even larger.


                      If EndNote does this already you'd be better off using that. As Daniel's pointed out, it was built to do exactly this job. It's not expensive, to develop something to do the same job would cost several orders of magnitude more.

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                        I'm not familiar with EndNote, so by all means address yourself to the comments by others who are; it might be that you have a best solution available there.

                        However, to follow on from my original post, and picking up on your own comment (…I use FM as a text manager…), I would certainly suggest you consider using FM instead of Word to write your documents. This would offer a number of advantages, not least being: (1) the convenience of storing the documents themselves (assuming an appropriate data structure); (2) the simplicity of exporting finished documents in pdf format; (3) the ability to store these within the database; (4) the possibilities available for storing and reusing boilerplate text if that is appropriate to your needs; (5) … I could go on, but you get the idea I trust.

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                          Johan Hedman

                          I would recommend you to use the Scribe plugin from 360 Works. it´s easy to use and can do almost all kind of manipulation to a Word document that you like

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                            Hi Magpie1! If one were able to set something up to do this properly, that would be a nice contribution to the scientific community!

                            Do you want to actually replace EndNote and only use FileMaker and Word?

                            If not, I would perhaps rather look into options for making FileMaker Pro interact with EndNote, and then keep using the existing EndNote integration with Word inside Word. EndNote being pretty much a de facto standard, I'm not sure there's a good argument in favor of actually doing away with it (at least not considering the likely significant cost of re-writing the same functionality for FileMaker).

                            A FileMaker plugin for EndNote (if that's the best way to do this), would on the other hand probably at least have some kind of a market. I can imagine a couple of plugin developers who might be interested in something like that.