Server 14 patch 4a on Windows Server 2012 r2 issues

Discussion created by sreese on Apr 5, 2016
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Recently we updated our FileMaker server from patch 3 to patch 4 and then 4a respectively and we have been having some strange issues. I will do my best to outline them here.


First off server configuration: (x2)

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard
  • FileMaker Server 14 patch 4a
  • Dual Xeon 10 core hyper threaded processors (40 cores)
  • 256gb of ram


The only other software running on the servers is Kaspersky.


FileMaker server is setup with the following settings:

  • Webserver with PHP and XML enabled
  • Web publishing engine enabled
  • ODBC / JDBC Enabled
  • A nightly backup
  • External Authentication is enabled


Desktop Clients:

FileMaker Pro 13 update 9


To the problem:

Ever since we updated to the latest server we have several scripts that are not working properly that worked properly before the upgrade. The weird part is that they only do not work the first time through.


We have a legacy ersatz system that sets things like user keys and names. (Please note we also have EA running, but we haven't gotten to the point we can remove the ersatz system). The script would not work the first time, but it was resolved by putting a hidden field on the layout. It had to be displayed, not hidden by calculation or off the side of the layout.


I have a navigation system that uses SQL to calculate the Go To Layout (Post explaining it: Easy ways to update layout references). This sql query won't work the first time after the file is loaded, but it will work all subsequent times.


There are a couple of other instances that this problem shows up, but it is all the same type of thought process. It is as if all of the tables do not load correctly or right away and it requires an attempt to access that table to make it proper.


I'll do my best to answer any clarifying questions.