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Request for making Filemaker PHP api opensource

Question asked by lakin.mohapatra on Apr 6, 2016

Hi Admin,


I would like to inform you that we have developed a filemaker_laravel package [ ]which will interact with filemaker official php api. For dependency , we need to load filemaker php api through composer.  For that we need to host the official filemaker php api on GITHUB.


But we are unable to upload the official api to github due to its terms & conditions.


* FileMaker API for PHP


* @package FileMaker


* Copyright © 2005-2009, FileMaker, Inc. All rights reserved.

* NOTE: Use of this source code is subject to the terms of the FileMaker

* Software License which accompanies the code. Your use of this source code

* signifies your agreement to such license terms and conditions. Except as

* expressly granted in the Software License, no other copyright, patent, or

* other intellectual property license or right is granted, either expressly or

* by implication, by FileMaker.



What can we do so that we can host filemaker php api on github ?


Our thoughts :

We want to make it opensource. All php pages of official api will contain filemaker terms & conditions header. Users will be asked to use it if they have bought filemaker license.



Please suggest.