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    Error 100 when exporting - confused as it worked this morning


      Couple of things, suddenly started late this morning even though I have made no changes to the export process or XSLT file locations. I switched the export to run locally (not on the server) and copied the XSLT file to 'My Documents' and it works, but as soon as I switch back to running the script on the server, it doesn't appear to find the XSLT files in C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Data\Documents (using Get(DocumentsPath)), so I get an error. Second issue is I'm trying to confirm, when running on the server, what error I'm seeing - I return any error created from the export script to the calling script and then display that in my message...but the error appears to be blank.

      I appreciate it's a but vague, but anyone have any ideas?

      Thanks in advance