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    How to copy script?


      Dear Members,


      I want to copy script from my script window and paste it into notepad++ or in any other text editor.


      Menu shows Ctrl + C but paste options are disabled in notepad or in fact any other editor.


      How can I copy the script in filemaker?



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          You can't edit a script in a text editor so whats the point?

          You can print the script, take a screenshot of the script, or produce a DDR and copy the script text from there.

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            You still can't do that directly (this capability is a frequent item on everyone's wish list, for sure …)


            On the Mac you can “print” the script as a PDF and copy the code from that.


            But then postscript is an integral part of OS X's display mechanism, and you create a PDF from any application; no idea how viable this is in Windows.

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              Thank you Erolst,


              I manage to export the script to PDF. In PDF every block of filemaker code is like a block. Copy paste of block is not possible.


              I need to select text within each block - only text part and paste it into editor.