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File Maintenance advice

Question asked by Abingdon on Apr 5, 2016

Hi All,


I have a 30 file multi-table FM14 solution hosted on FMS 14 with 40 users.  The files are all FM11 conversions.  Prior to conversion I cleaned out redundant layouts and scripts and saved as compacted.  Post conversion I rebuilt the most heavily used layouts natively (far too many to do them all).

The files themselves are not huge, ranging 50 to 400Mb as the largest.  Some do have some pretty hefty scripting and they do get some fairly heavy usage, with approx. 2000 records per week being added.


Six months in and I am thinking I should do some maintenance.  I would be grateful for advice in general on this.  Save as compacted?  Turn off indexing on (some) fields and turn on again?  This is the kind of thing I would personally do but it would be good to have your opinions on what you do that may help stability and performance.


One last thing, I inherited this database a few years back from a previous developer who pretty much indexed every field that it was possible to index.  Any views on resetting these to ‘Automatically create indexes as needed’?


Many thanks as always.