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    Save as PDF issue...still an issue




      I'm using FileMaker Pro Advanced v14.0.5 on a Macbook Air running 'Yosemite' Mac OS 10.10.5.  I created a reporting layout with sub-summaries and everything looks as it should. I can even pull reporting data in the sub-summaries from different tables in the solution. But when I try to create a PDF file from the report layout in Preview Mode all I get is the Title Header on the PDF document and the Title footer with a page number.


      When I specify the PDF options to Save: Current Record it always generates a PDF file with only the Title Header and Title Footer text as described above.


      I think I have found a work around but I would like FileMaker to fix the issue so I can use the Save as PDF feature as it was designed.  The work around for my use case is to Omit all Records except the one I want to use for the report and then specify the PDF options to Save: Records Being Browsed.  PDF compatibility is set at the default 'Acrobat 7 and Later'.


      I thought this would be fixed in the latest update, but that is not the case.  Can anyone tell me where I may have missed a configuration on my layout or have you also seen this behavior?


      Best Regards,

      Charlie Maitland