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Some pdf's are viewable in interactive containers while some are not. What's going on?

Question asked by JimmyCox on Apr 6, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2016 by mrwatson-gbs

Have a solution for a client using FMP14 where they can track patients and access medical files etc. They have an option to upload files to each patient record (pdf's mostly and a couple of word documents). On each patient there is a portal showing what files have been uploaded and on each portal row there is a popover with an interactive container so the pdf's can be viewed.

There seems to be a problem where some pdf's are viewable and then some just come up as a pdf icon with the file name. Have checked it on my macbook and their pc's and it's the same pdfs on all platforms. If the pdf's that aren't viewable in the container are exported they are viewable using preview/acrobat etc.

Even stranger is I exported a couple of pdf's that were viewable and a few that were not and then re-uploaded them to a test patient, and then none of them were viewable. Any one have any experience in this? It's confusing the hell out of me.