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Filemaker Pro files not saving when uploading through iTunes

Question asked by hfricke on Apr 7, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2016 by schamblee

My organization has a survey that we are administering using Filemaker Go on iPads. My upload protocol has always been to connect the iPads via USB to my desktop computer, which launches iTunes, and then I save the files from each day of data collection using the "Save To" function in iTunes. I then rename each file once it's in the destination folder.


I've never had this issue before (2.5 years of utilizing this method), but this past time I went to upload data, I went through the normal process, clicked "Save To," and when I went to rename the file, the file is grayed out - cannot be renamed, opened, copy/pasted, or anything else. I read something about it possibly being that the file is open on another device, so I made sure to close out of the Filemaker Go app on all the iPads being used for this project.


I know just enough about Filemaker to get any insight appreciated. Not sure if this is a Filemaker issue, iTunes issue, iPad issue, Mac OS issue?? Thanks in advance!