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    SlideControll in a Listview


      Hi guys and girls.


      Am throwing togather a simple Admin Password database. We have used Lotus Notes for this before but since we are stoping to use Lotus we need another option to keep our server passwords etc.


      But am a bit stuck. =) for some extra security am using a simple "enter Password" dialog before beeing able to view the password in the list. I have solved this by using a bullet script. works good. i have then placed the Bullet field in a slide controll with first page on the slide showing the bullet field. and second the read password text. works greate.. i have then added a "View" button next to it. so when i press it it asks for the password and if correct showing slide side 2 (the password in text). works good.. exept this is in a listview and it changes ALL lines in the list. i only want it to show the record am at.


      Before pressed "View"


      After authentication:


      is there a way to make the same function but only showing the active records field ?

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          Please post your script to help trouble shoot this issue  Do you have a replace step or loop step in your script?  If yes, this will effect all active records. Are you using any script triggers?

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            will try to post as relevant information as possible.. =)


            OnLoad script:



            Fields (some is ofc inrelevant):



            Authentication script (to show or hide the slide)





            I think the problem is that its a "global" authentication i do. instead of a per record. just dont know how to else solve this :/

            Should probebly use show/hide script of the password fields for a better solution,. dont know. kinda stuck..

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              If you only want to show one password at a time then try using a popover instead of a slide panel.  Only one popover will pop up and that will be the popover for the current row.


              Only one popover can open at a time so that means you can only reveal a maximum of one password at a time.

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                I agree with Carl. The popover would be a good solution. Not sure why your original solution didn't work. Perhaps something is going on with conditional formatting or Hide Object.

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                  Am not using any hide object or conditional formatting.. only using slide controll to show / hide.


                  When it comes to popover.. been thinking about that one 2. but i cant figure out how to "lock" it to not show, and how to make it editeble.

                  What i need is to have a view/edit button that asks for a password, if password is correct then show. dont know if that is possible in a popover and to be able to edit the information in that field.

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                    i think I figured it out.  A slide panel is an object that belongs to a layout, not a record.  So when you go to panel 2 all of the panels change.

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                      I Would try something with the Hide object where if the password is correct you set the record number to a variable and then allow the hidden object to be seem If the variable matches the record number. 

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                        I just tested the Hide Object technique and it works well to replicate what you want.  If you use this make sure you use a Refresh Window or Refresh Object step after you set the variable.   If not your objects might not show or hide properly.

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                          Another technique is to make sure that the popover is not in the layout tab order so the user can't tab into it, and also put the popover button behind another object so that it can't be pressed and opened that way.  Perhaps make the popover button itself a 1px x 1px square and put it behind the View/Edit button