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SlideControll in a Listview

Question asked by Stigge on Apr 6, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2016 by CarlSchwarz

Hi guys and girls.


Am throwing togather a simple Admin Password database. We have used Lotus Notes for this before but since we are stoping to use Lotus we need another option to keep our server passwords etc.


But am a bit stuck. =) for some extra security am using a simple "enter Password" dialog before beeing able to view the password in the list. I have solved this by using a bullet script. works good. i have then placed the Bullet field in a slide controll with first page on the slide showing the bullet field. and second the read password text. works greate.. i have then added a "View" button next to it. so when i press it it asks for the password and if correct showing slide side 2 (the password in text). works good.. exept this is in a listview and it changes ALL lines in the list. i only want it to show the record am at.


Before pressed "View"


After authentication:


is there a way to make the same function but only showing the active records field ?