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Two Machine Configuration - DMZ Ports?

Question asked by jwmickelson on Apr 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2016 by dandanthesushiman

Can anyone within the community (or FMI) confirm that TCP 80 /443 /16000 are the ONLY ports required to successfully deploy and use FileMaker 14 Server for Web hosting (Web Direct, Remote Container Streaming, PHP Custom Publishing) in a Two Machine configuration that is as described below?


1) FileMaker 14 Server (Master) Database Server - Within the protected Corporate network.

2) FileMaker 14 Server (Worker) Web Server - Within separate a DMZ network VLAN, accessible to the public internet via TCP port 80 & 443.

Note: This will not use ODBC/JDBC, nor remote access to by FileMaker Clients, just WEB.

3) Internet Web Clients connect to Web Server only correct?  so do they just need 80 / 443 to the Web Server?


Just those 3 ports 80, 443, 16000 between the two servers? 


I ask because of the below "apparent" discrepancies between sources of FileMaker documentation:

  1. the website (Ports used by FileMaker Server | FileMaker) doesn't list 5003 as needed between Master and Worker,
  2. but the diagram in the Getting Started Guide ( - PAGE 25) shows ONLY 5003 and 16000 being open between the servers!
  3. but in the Ports listed in the table of Getting Started Guide on pages 26-27, and the website ports table, it says:
    • 80 is required progressive downloading of containers to all clients (includes WebDirect?), but doesn't specify if the Web Server (Worker) needs this access like a client, and if those clients must see the Master Server (which is in a different VLAN).
    • 443 is needed for inserting data into externally stored containers, but doesn't specify if the Web Server needs this or if the external Web Direct clients on the Internet, which can't directly see the master Server anyway due to firewall and VLAN.


Thank you in advance to ANYONE who can help clarify this!


P.S. This would appear to be a prototypical use case for a two machine configuration for Internet webdirect/php clients, right?  Is anyone else doing this with FileMaker 14?