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    Conditional formatting


      Dear Community members,


      How can I achieve following in a conditional formatting.



      1) TaskReal::zwZeroDays

      Zero Days on Desk =  add field  TaskReal::zwZeroDays

      which displays “!” for this condition


      TaskReal:: zwResizeWarn

      Resize Warning (at task level only):   =  add field  TaskReal:: zwResizeWarn

        which displays “R” for this condition.


      Thank you,


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          Kamal –


          I guess you got no answer because no one understands your question (well, I for sure don't ;-)


          btw, conditional formatting is just that: formatting. To conditionally display text markers, you may want to add these markers as text objects to the layout and apply Conditional Hide (Hide when …) to them.


          But first you (and we) need to be clear about what conditions you want to codify … so please try again!

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            Thank you Erolst.


            It is a huge filemaker database. I was suppose to apply exact conditional formatting specified.


            Finally, I was able to manage it.


            Thank you,


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              What version of FM are you using?


              I wouldn't use fields for this. Fields are for data. I would use a text object and the "Hide" option. Put the "!" on the layout and hide it until the condition is met.

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                Hello David,


                Thank you for your response. It was my mistake. It clearly says that "add field". I was suppose to just add new field on the layout which already had ! as value.

                I am very new to file maker and going through learning process so it was my misunderstanding about it.


                Thank you,