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How do I enter a "soft return" ("line break" or "newline character") in a text object?

Question asked by steveald on Apr 6, 2016
Latest reply on May 10, 2016 by steveald

I have several layouts that contain large amounts of boilerplate text entered as text objects. I need to be able to enter a "soft return" (aka "line break" or "newline character") to force text to a new line without invoking the Line Spacing settings that control paragraphs   separated by "hard returns" - like you get when you hit the Return key. But I can't find anything on the subject.


This is not about importing or exporting anything. This is just about static text in a text object on a database layout.


Is there a special character or command that can be used to force a soft return? No combination of shift - control - option & Return that I have tried achieves anything other than a hard return. I could just add several spaces, but that seems sloppy and it causes issues with text justification.


Mac OS X 10.11, FileMaker Pro Advanced 14.