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WebDirect Popover that wont close?

Question asked by RayGerman on Apr 6, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2016 by RayGerman

Hello Everyone,


I am very basic Filemaker user and am finding there are a many different ways to accomplish a goal in Filemaker. I am currently building a webdirect database solution to track our IT department hardware and software. My intent is to publish this in webdirect from our Filemaker Server. Unfortunately, I am stuck on this issue and cant seem to find a solution.


In a nutshell I have created a drop-down list that shows the values of a field called AssetType. I tested this in WebDirect and it worked as expected the drop-down list opened and showed all of the values in that field. I then found that there is no way for an end user to edit a drop-down list in webdirect.


So, I thought I have a solution...


I created

A new field and called it NewTypeEnter

I then added a pop-over button (With a + symbol icon) right next to AssetType

Using the field picker I added the NewType field to the pop-over

I then added a button in the pop-over below the NewTypeEnter filed and called it Add




I assigned a script to the button as a Button Action


Button Action.png


I then added this script



I then tested in Filemaker and it worked perfectly.

When I hit the + icon the pop-over opened.

I then entered a value in the field NewTypeEnter.

When I hit add, it copied that value and pasted it into the AssetType field

It then cleared the NewTypeEnter Field and closed the pop-over.


At this point, I'm thinking... That wasn't so bad... good solution it worked!  That was until I put the database in WebDirect.

In WebDirect everything works except the final step  "Close Popover"


I tried about 15 other methods yet for some reason that pop-over refuses to close in WebDirect. To make matters worse... That pop over remains open no matter what layout I go to...  Its like a zombie that follows me everywhere!!


I am running FM Server version which I think is the latest....


Does anyone know if this is a know issue? Seems like a bug to me.... Any input would be appreciated. I am stuck at this point.