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Windows 10 Privacy Issues

Question asked by AllegroDataSolutions on Apr 7, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2016 by schamblee

I am just wondering if anyone is using Windows 10 and, if so, what steps you have taken to deal with the privacy and bandwidth concerns (i.e. the OS "phoning home" as one industry publication called it).


So far, my upgrade strategy will be to keep using my Windows 7 pc for most business tasks and personal matters for as long as possible, while setting up a separate (new) machine with Windows 10 so I can troubleshoot problems for clients who are using it with FileMaker.


I am advised to do a clean install, even if it is preinstalled on the new computer. Does anyone know which companies are providing the means to do this (i.e. an installation disc or partition)? It seems to me that they all should. But, if any don't, I'd rather know which ones before buying anything.


I've read lots of articles about what should be turned off and how to do it. Most of these seem like common sense to me. Things I would do anyway with any OS on a machine that I will be using primarily for development. I've seen lots of freeware apps that purport to do this in a single step. All well and good. That's not what I'm worried about.


I'm worried about the things that are not obvious, or may not have been extensively written about until now. Are there any invasive options that can't be turned off? Especially anything that may impose a big performance hit -- especially with FileMaker -- whether they are related to privacy or not. Particularly, if they are new to Windows.


I would be grateful for any advice or experience you would care to share. But, please, this is not the place to start a Mac vs. Windows debate. My company is platform agnostic. I support anything that runs FileMaker. My questions are simply about being able to service customers who are running Windows 10 in as clean an environment as possible. Thank you.