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Creating a Relationship that uses PatternCount

Question asked by fmdataweb on Apr 7, 2016
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I have 2 tables - one table has records with a field with a name in it and the 2nd table has records with a field which contains a number of names.


Here's an example:


Table A - Name Field = "Johanson"


Table B - Names Field = "Peterson, Johanson, Smith"


I'm trying to create a relationship that will match any records in Table B which contain "Johanson" in this example, so we can show a portal of possible records to check.


The Names field in Table B is very unstructured but if I switch to Table B and use the PatternCount function that does work, e.g.


PatternCount ( TableB::Names ; "Johanson" )


There will be hundreds of records imported into TableA so we would simply like to import them and see if anything matches. We can't create a simple = relationship predicate, but there's no option to do a "contains" predicate.


Anyone have any ideas how we can get this working?