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    Print question


      Hi all,


      I have a layout which shows unpaid invoices. As the invoice gets paid, it doesn't appear in the layout anymore. That works perfectly. The problem I have is, say there are 30 invoices to print.  When the office staff press print, if they forget to change to 'Records Being Browsed' and leave on 'Current Record', it will only print one invoice.  They then have to go through and print all remaining 29.


      Is there a way a can force FileMaker to make it print 'Records Being Browsed'?


      I've changed 'Print Options' in the script and set it to what I need but if the printer itself was last printing 'Current Record' it remembers that choice?


      Any ideas?




      FM 13 Pro, Win 7 and also Mavericks



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          In the "Print" script step (not the print setup script step) you can specify the option for "records being browsed" vs. current record. There is also a "presets" dropdown where you can specify the use of defaults, or the "last used settings". Check there. screenshot attached.

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            in your screenshot, the printer selected is "No Printer Selected".  I dont seem to have that option and short of deleting all the printers, I dont see how to unselect at least one of the options.  The reason this is a problem is because not everyone using this script prints to the same printer I print to.  Perhaps I can set up a condition in the script based on user, but that would be a pain in the arse to have to maintain everytime a new user was added or a new printer was added.  So in short i need a be able to set up universal print settings without changing default printers.  Any advice?

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              On the windows side of things, we have sometimes downloaded/installed a demo version of a PDF "printer", specified it in the script and then uninstalled it (or never installed it into the client machines in the first place).


              You might also look into MyFMButler, a plug in that provides explicit script level access to different print functions.

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                I wrote my own and it works great. Took a lot of time though.