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Question asked by jackmac on Apr 8, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2016 by RickWhitelaw

Hi all,


I have a layout which shows unpaid invoices. As the invoice gets paid, it doesn't appear in the layout anymore. That works perfectly. The problem I have is, say there are 30 invoices to print.  When the office staff press print, if they forget to change to 'Records Being Browsed' and leave on 'Current Record', it will only print one invoice.  They then have to go through and print all remaining 29.


Is there a way a can force FileMaker to make it print 'Records Being Browsed'?


I've changed 'Print Options' in the script and set it to what I need but if the printer itself was last printing 'Current Record' it remembers that choice?


Any ideas?




FM 13 Pro, Win 7 and also Mavericks