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    New to Scripts


      Hi i am new to scripts I have bin playing with them for the last two days and I'm already in trouble where do you advise me to research and study how to configure sc

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          here are some places to get information:


          • help files
          • script steps reference document you may download from FM Website
          • functions reference document you may also download from FM Website


          To download the documents, go to FileMaker Product Documentation | FileMaker , click on the link for your version and you will find the documents.


          Do you have any past experience in programming ?

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            Agree with getting the Script and Function reference documents.


            The pdf versions are great to search in (I keep copies on Dropbox). Up until FM 11 I used to print them out double-sided and bind them, they are very impressive documents. There is nothing like leafing through the pages and being able to make notes. I stopped only because they got too big to fit my comb binding machine.

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              What are you trying to achieve? Think of a script as a written set of steps which, if followed, will accomplish a specific task. A good way to start is to manually walk through the steps which will accomplish the desired task, writing down each step in a list. Once you have done that, open the script editor and convert you list of steps into the equivalent script commands.