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Updated Version FMP2XLS v1.03 (export custom Excel spreadsheets)

Discussion created by Doug Staubach on Apr 8, 2016
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Hi Community:


I've had a lot of good feedback from people who downloaded earlier versions of this tool. (Thank you!)


NEW UPDATE (April 9, 2016): Version 1.03 includes better fixes for "FileMaker's XML Timestamp Bug" plus a lot of improvements for validating international date and number formats (including currency formats). - This should be the last update from me for a while.


FMP2XLS is a totally free (open source) template that uses FileMaker's built-in capabilities to create nice-looking Excel spreadsheets for your end users. There are no third-party plug-ins or software to purchase - your users can simply click a button, and get a preformatted worksheet with tons of extra features that are simply not possible with the standard / built-in 'Export to Excel' menu option.


For a detailed description of features (and a lively discussion about what this solution does and doesn't do), please refer to my original post.


Version 1.03 should be downloaded to REPLACE all previous versions. (The date functions and the number conversion functions have been completely redesigned to better support non-US locations and to provide the best possible work-around solution for the timestamp bug.)


Please send me screen shots showing how you have used my solution to make "pretty spreadsheets" in your own database!



Doug Staubach


(1) You can make your exported spreadsheets look pretty (rename headers, add totals, real Excel formulas, etc.) !

Screen Shot (Results).png


(2) I have included a sample database to show how easy it is for your end-users (they just click a button!)

(3) No software to install, no fees, no plug-ins. (Can be used as-is, or copied and customized by you.)

Screen Shot (DemoDB).png

Best wishes,