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Simple advice on flushing the cache, please

Question asked by chazzo on Apr 7, 2016
Latest reply on May 4, 2016 by rrrichie

Apologies for what might turn out to be an idiot question, but I seem to have a problem with automatic saves to disk, and I'd appreciate advice. This is with FileMaker Pro Advanced 14 running on a single Mac, and occasionally shared to another Mac.


I have been running this database under FM 10 for years, right up to El Capitan. I know that's not supposed to be a good idea, but it has worked well for me and I cannot remember a single crash.


Then the other day something bad happened – I think it was a crash on trying to close the file – and I lost several days' worth of data. The file is stored in Dropbox and backed up with Time Machine, so I didn't anticipate any problems recovering it. However, I was horrified to find that the latest disk version dated back to the last time the file was closed. I've become so used to FileMaker's rock-solid behaviour that I had left the file open for several days.


I've always left the app to "save cache contents during idle time", and never taken any other steps to flush the cache explicitly. After this incident, however, I upgraded to FileMaker 14 and added a "flush cache" instruction to a script that I use frequently. I also tried changing the flush interval. But I still get the same behaviour: the disk file changes only when I close the database, not when I run the script.


Have I completely misunderstood the way FileMaker works, and only been protected from disaster by the fact that it's very stable? If so, is there a way to update the disk file regularly without closing the database? If not, any ideas what odd things might be happening on my system?