Container Fields: Why isn't it working in Filemaker Pro 10?

Discussion created by paula.foster on Apr 7, 2016
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STam ! !
I have a very simple database I created in FMPRO 10 where I have created 2 container fields already.  One links out to photo's and the other links out to .pdfs.  Each work fine when published to the web for my group to view.  These two container fields are not on the home page of the website, but were created inside, on another layout page.


The container field that is not working, is one that I have created on the home page.

This container field will not show the .pdf link when it is published to the web, but DOES work well before it gets published.


Any help or suggestions you can give me are appreciated. I realize I use a very old version of Filemaker Pro, but it's all my workplace

will provide at the moment.


Thank you