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    trouble  with this background image


      I have a whole bunch of layouts all using .jpg backgrounds with fields merged in all preview perfectly, but this one is the summary page and I can't get it to preview. It's attached here as a .bmp I also tried .jpg and I tried it in both landscape and portrait modes and resized the image to scale in filemaker (maybe that's problem the image size? I also tried breaking it into two and even three smaller page size images and still none would preview. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? If you can fix the image so it will preview that would be great. Or just tell me what to do to get it right.

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          Well I finally got this image to import and view in preview mode by converting it to .pdf first. I don't know why the .jpg wouldn't preview. Strangely I also found that after I got the ,pdf one to preview in a new layout, I copied the resized .pdf from this new layout and pasted it into the layout with the same image in .jpg format and replaced the image already there and then tried to preview and it was still invisible. So maybe the .jpg was not my problem, although I did try many different layouts with that .jpg and never did get it to preview (maybe there is a size limit? or some other limit I crossed such as image height perhaps... although I guess that one is not right because the .pdf image I'm using is the same height.