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Error using Export Field Contents from Container field on iPhone

Question asked by geo63 on Apr 7, 2016

I am getting an error viewing .pdf and .docx files from a container field, There is a button next to the container field that calls the following script:


If [not(IsEmpty(Attachments_C::Attachment))]

                Set Variable [$Path; Value: Get ( TemporaryPath ) & "/" & GetContainerAttribute ( Attachments_C::Attachment; "filename")]

                Export Field Contents [Attachments_C::Attachment; "$Path"; Automatically open]

End If


This all works fine with Filemaker Pro - mac and pc.  On the iPhone/iPad, if I access the container and save the file(s) to the launch center, I can view both types of files using IOS 9.3.1.


Using the button/script ON THE IPhone/IiPad, I can open .doc files but not .pdf or .docx.  I get the following error when opening .docx and .pdf files.




A colleague has confirmed the same issues on his iPhone and iPad (different devices).


Is this an issue with IOS 9.3.1?  I don't think I had this problem before the upgrade.