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    FIAS: remote login does not persist + how to pass login info to "Open File[]"


      Scenario: I have an app via FileMaker iOS App SDK and a LauncherFile that opens a remote FileMaker solution via data sources (fmnet:/)


      Problems & Questions:

      1. The login does not persist; i.e., even if on launching the remote solution, and selecting "save login to keychain", after a couple of minutes of inactivity, login information is asked again.

      2. Since the login does not persist, I am trying to send credentials; but how do i pass them to fmnet:/ for auto-login?



      1. Using fmp:// url scheme is not viable as we need FMGo installed for that.
      2. fmnet:/[username:password@]host/solution does not work


      I have not come across a solution to this problem yet. Any help in this regard is appreciated!