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How to append one text field to another?

Question asked by Eldberg on Apr 8, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2016 by Eldberg

Problem: How to get the contents of two text fields and put them together into another field.

So e.g. field 1 contains "Super" and field 2 contains "duper". I want to read these fields into a new field containing "Superduper".


Redundant reality background: I have a database describing a cemetery.

It is based on persons, not graves. Every person buried has a post in the database.


The cemetery is organized in areas which are designated by a letter.  Each grave in an area is then identified by a number.

So a typical grave would be A 132. Meaning area A and grave 132.

So John Smith is buried in A 132. So is his wife Mary and about five other people, over the years. Every one of these has a post in the database. All of these posts contain the area A in one field and the number 132 in another field.


When I'm looking at a post, I can only see one person. I only want to see one person. But I need to also see if there are others buried in the same grave. I want to display the total number of burials that have been done in this grave, on each record for a person buried there. When I look at Mary Smith, there should be a field telling me that there are a total of 7 people in A 132.


The counting is not a problem; I do that with a Self-Join. But since A and 132 are, and must be, in separate fields, I need to perform the count of occurrences on a field that contains both A and 132.