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Do I need two servers?

Question asked by user17152 on Apr 9, 2016
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Hello everyone.  The solution I develop and maintain is currently behind our firewall and not accessible from the internet without logging in to our VPN.  I am now adding shared, read-only calendars using SeedCode Subscribe that pull data from our solution.  For anyone not familiar with Subscribe, it runs on the server and requires PHP.  It essentially turns the Filemaker Server into a CalDAV server and allows the Mac/iOS Calendar application to subscribe to calendars that pull their data from Filemaker.  Google Calendar is also supported.


Calendar data needs to be accessible from the internet or mobile and Google Calendar users will not have access.  My plan is to take my Dates table out of the main solution and create a new Dates database.  This database will contain only one simple table.  At this point I plan to keep the supplemental date data that we record like the date history (every date change is logged) in the main file.


So, do I need two actual server machines and two server licenses, one for the main solution behind the firewall and the other for the internet-accessible Dates database?  It seems like I do.  I'm assuming there's no way to restrict access to databases hosted on the server by IP range or based on whether access is coming from the local network/VPN or the internet?


I'd especially welcome hearing from any Subscribe users.