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Container Problem

Question asked by Burt2016 on Apr 11, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2016 by disabled_morkus

Hi, I'm new to Filemaker. Opened up the contact starter solution. I need to create a field where I can attach a PDF file and/or a Word document, maybe pictures. The files are located on my desktop in a folder. At some point, perhaps, they would be on a small home network drive serving 2-3 computers. I want to be able to either embed the files in the contact page of the lead or simply have a link to the path on the desktop folder. I've done this very simply with older versions of ACT in their notes field for years. When I tried to do it with Filemaker, first of all, the PDF and most options were not available. When I clicked to the file or picture options, it allowed me to pull the file and insert it into the field. But,when you click on it, it does not open the PDF or link to it. Is the problem that it isn't available in this Starter Solution template or something else? I don't see an option to insert a file or a link to a file in Edit Layout. Works great for a website url. Please help. Thanks.