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    Container Problem


      Hi, I'm new to Filemaker. Opened up the contact starter solution. I need to create a field where I can attach a PDF file and/or a Word document, maybe pictures. The files are located on my desktop in a folder. At some point, perhaps, they would be on a small home network drive serving 2-3 computers. I want to be able to either embed the files in the contact page of the lead or simply have a link to the path on the desktop folder. I've done this very simply with older versions of ACT in their notes field for years. When I tried to do it with Filemaker, first of all, the PDF and most options were not available. When I clicked to the file or picture options, it allowed me to pull the file and insert it into the field. But,when you click on it, it does not open the PDF or link to it. Is the problem that it isn't available in this Starter Solution template or something else? I don't see an option to insert a file or a link to a file in Edit Layout. Works great for a website url. Please help. Thanks.

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          Hi Burt2016


          You can open a PDF embedded into a container with right click -> Export Field Contents.

          Additionally, if in the option "Interactive content" is selected in the Inspector, you will be able to scroll through the PDF directly in Filemaker, and you will have the possibility to zoom, download or open it in preview showing up. See screenshots below!


          Hope this helps!


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            I know I should. But, it is not working.


            Again, made only 1-change to the Contacts/Starter Solution.


            I created a container field. When I right click the only options are File & Photo. I loaded the file into the field. But, it doesn't open. Thanks.

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              Hi again


              Which version of Filemaker are you using?

              You cannot use interactive content previous to version 12.

              If you're using FM12 and above, if you tick Interactive content in the Data tab of the Inspector you definitely should see an "Insert PDF" option when you click on the container in browse mode.

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                See the link below for more information, as some functionality might depend on your OS too.

                Interactive content and other enhancements for container fields | FileMaker

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                  I have FMPA 14, and when I set the radio button for PDF files to "interactive content", those container fields are then blank when I restart FMP.


                  I tried various of the alignment buttons and also preserve PDF transparency, but the PDF was still blank until I switched it back to the default: images.


                  Now I'm also wondering why this doesn't work for me. I read the link the you posted in your later reply, but nothing there seemed to apply.


                  Would appreciate any suggestions.




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                    Well, that's a bit bizarre! I'm afraid I cannot replicate your issue.


                    The only thing I can think of is that when the container is set to Interactive, the PDF will show resized to fit the width (and not length) of the container. So if the upper part of the first page is white, you might not see anything in your container but white.

                    However it wouldn't explain a blank container!


                    Sorry I cannot help much!



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                      No worries. Thanks. I'll report this FMP behavior as a problem.


                      - m