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Retreiving a record and associated records from an earlier backup

Question asked by embeco on Apr 11, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2016 by embeco

I have a client who performs home inspections. He is using a product created with FileMaker Version 1 and the system crashes if he stores too many records (over 300 data elements in one record). He solves this problem by backing up all of his monthly data with a "Save As A Copy" command.

He regularly performs re-inspections of a house that he inspected months ago (owners had fixed the previously reported problems and wants him to inspect it again before sale).

I am rewriting his system in FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced with a revised file structure (related tables) and can't find a way of bringing back one inspection table record with all of its related records back into the current file.

Archival and retrieval of records is fairly common in database systems. Is this function only available in FileMaker Server??