Filemaker crashes during Send Mail script step if there is no local OST File.

Discussion created by SGohring on Apr 8, 2016
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I have multiple databases hosted over a couple different servers all running FMS 14.04, clients are running anything from FM 11.x to FM 14.05. Several of the databases have basic send mail scripts that loop through the found set of records collecting email addresses and then calling to Outlook to create a new email and paste those addresses into the To: field. Pretty basic.

Recently my company just migrated all email accounts to the cloud. From what I have been told during the move they changed a setting in everyone's Outlook to not store a local OST file on the machine (not run outlook in cached mode).

This change has made the send mail script crash FileMaker when it is run even if Outlook is already open. I have found that changing the clients Outlook setting to run in cached mode fixes the crashing email. However doing this can cause Outlook data to be inaccurate (particularly with shared calendars).

My question or maybe this should be a feature request: Is there a way other than SMTP to accomplish a send mail script step with no local OST file present on the machine?